Top Kraken Games! 

Online Kraken games are always popular among players, offering fun and easy gameplay with various settings and quests to keep them engaged. Some games are free to play, while others require players to pay to access certain levels, with the chance to win back their money by consistently completing each level. Fire Kirin offers a range of fantastic fish shooting games that are enjoyable for both youngsters and adults. These games are interactive and keep players from getting bored. Here are the four most popular ones:


The first popular fish shooting game is called Circus, and true to its name, the game features vibrant and cheerful visuals reminiscent of a circus tent. While playing the game, players will encounter various interesting creatures that they must shoot to earn points. The game rewards players more heavily for defeating difficult monsters or Krakens. The game’s difficulty progresses through several levels, which players must win in order to progress to more challenging stages.

Arc Of Templar

In contrast to Circus, The Arc of Templar has a vastly different atmosphere with a mysterious, darker tone. The title character of this fish shooting game is a formidable-looking knight adorned in grey armor with red detailing, accompanied by his sword and shield. However, the basic gameplay remains the same, requiring players to shoot monsters to earn points.

Golden Toad

The Golden Toad is a fish shooting game that stars a golden toad adorned with pink jewels, set against a funky backdrop of bright and intense colors. The enemies in this game are similarly covered in gold, and players must use the toad as their weapon to take them down from all angles. The game rewards players with more points for defeating the golden monsters, offering a chance to win big.

Crab King

The Crab King introduces you to a menacing-looking orange crab with a mechanical arm. The game perfectly infuses the fantasy genre with traditional-looking creatures. You, as the player, can control the crab and help it shoot the incoming threats. Your health bar and available points are displayed at the top and you receive a powerup with each successive level.

Looking for more fun and interesting games, check out The Kraken App. The app features an assortment of different Kraken and fish games that are perfect for youngsters alike. On the website, you can look at the list of games and signup for your account. While you are there, check out The Kraken Sweepstakes too. Some other games you can play are Blue Mermaid, Golden Dragon, and Captain Jack.

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